Trail Updates

Trail Updates

Been a while since we posted an update but be assured we have been pretty busy up at QE.

Over the last few months we have been doing some updates and maintenance on the red trail and have also added more surfacing to the blue.  Snakes and Ladders has had some much needed TLC with some new tables, rebuilt berms and other tweeks.   We have also added a new section between Lumberjack and Snakebites.

Over the last two dig weekends we have been concentrating on what will be the final, for now anyway, section of the blue trail.  This will remove the old purple singletrack that runs alongside the Juniper picnic/BBQ area.  We have dug in the trail corridor and have started to shape up berms.  Please do not ride this section yet as it is unfinished and unsigned.

Our next dig day will be in April, date TBA as we have a clash with the Southern Enduro Champs ( and most of us will be there.

Please watch this page and FaceBook for updates on future digs and plans.