Matt D


Name: Matt, aka Juan Sheet, aka Mikel Arteta

Bike: Cotic BFe, Specialized Rockhopper

Style: Technical

Mild mannered Matt hails from the Royal County of Berkshire (as he is always keen to point out) and moved south when he went to study at Portsmouth University. There he joined the University’s mountain bike club and made regular trips to the park. Now over 10 years on he lives in Petersfield where he wistfully looks up to the park every morning before starting work.

He attends most dig days except for those when he has a wedding to go to. This is becoming such a regular occurrence that some of the Collective feel he could be moonlighting as a wedding planner. A popular member of the Collective, Matt comes out in all conditions, whether it be riding or digging. He’s a hard grafter and is always happy to help. Technically accomplished, he can often be found practicing track stands, wheelies and endos while waiting for Jamie and Martin to get to the top of the hill. He has recently bought a few new bits for his bike (wider handlebars, shorter stem, flats pedals and a pair of 5 10’s that are far too clean at the moment) which I’m sure will mean he will get even better and will no doubt start whipping over table tops like Brendog. He mostly rides round QECP, because for Matt “one trail is plenty!”

Let’s hope that Matt’s wedding planning company fails to take off as the weddings world’s loss will be QECP’s gain. Thanks for all your help Matt!