Andy G

Name : Andy G aka @wheews

Bike: Lapierre DH920, Dialled Holeshot, Giant Trance X0, Gary Fisher Chronus

Style: float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Andy became involved after seeing some of the twitter propaganda spouted by Jamie. Although rarely riding QECP (hailing from Southampton) Andy thought he would come along and see what all the fuss was about…. and he hasn’t left. Soon bringing along members of his riding buddies “the google crew” (due to their love of wearing googles (goggles)).

A keen downhill racer with a good record (many podiums to his name) he posseses razor sharp skills to go with his razor sharp wit. You always know when Andy is about with his banter chirping out between swings of the mattock. He is often found sessioning bits of trail, tweaking as he goes along and seems quite unfamiliar with the idea of going uphill.

Thoroughly committed to the Collective cause, it is safe to say that the trails at QECP would not be as fun or flowy without the input he has had. Especially the final part of the trail. Thank you Andy for your commitment to the Collective and always bringing a good atmosphere to digs.