Dave G

Name: Dave G aka superfli, aka Big Ring Dave

Bike: Santa Cruz Heckler frame, custom build. Cotic Soul HT, custom build

Style: Beast it!

Big Ring Dave (so called as he likes to beast it everywhere on the big ring) has been riding in the park for nearly 20 years and has seen many changes in that time. He now helps build the future and his young son, Frankie, has already started riding as well as raking a few lines out. Dave has been trail building since the beginning of the collective and is also responsible for getting Scottish and Southern Energy to have two community dig days at the park.

Dave now has got a Heckler with a double chain ring (no big ring) and is now found spinning like a whirling dervish as he struggles to come to terms with the loss of the big ring. Here’s hoping Dave and young Frankie have many good digging and riding years ahead at QECP. Thanks for all your help Dave!