Exempt Clothing

Chris and Roscoe grew up riding the trails in and around QECP. In 2011 they followed their dream and made the bold jump to start up a clothing company aimed at mountain bikers….. during a recession. That decision takes guts, passion and a little bit of madness (which all good mountain bikers have). In 2012 they joined the Collective to give something back to the trails they grew up on and continue to ride. They also offered to design a trail build t-shirt for the Collective, giving 10 shirts to the most regular diggers.

In these days of big multinational companies it is always good to support the little man, especially if they are local. So next time you are looking to buy a t-shirt for messing around on your bike then pay them a visit at http://exemptclothing.co.uk and check them out. Doesn’t hurt to look 😉