Name: Martin aka The King

Bike: Ragley MmmBop HT, Nukeproof Snap

Style: Methodical & regal

Martin is one of the founding members of the Collective and can often been found at digs holding court and issuing decrees. He is the Collective’s answer to Karl Pilkington and has bizarre views on most things and is not afraid to tell people. He is well loved and is always entertaining. Just ask him question and watch him go. He has a strange mistrust for vegetables and believes himself to be a carnivore. He is family man (although it is hard to work out how many children he has, somewhere between 7 & 9 it is believed) but always finds time to be with his Collective family as well.

He has spent a lot of time over the last 9 months focusing on improving his technique has come on well, entering his first downhill race in March. On his final run however he went a bit too hard and ended up breaking his hand resulting in a 7 week break off the bike (the animals in the park are enjoying the peace). He brings a lot of banter to digs along with Jamie and Scott, and is always talking to people about the improvements we have made. If you see him while riding make sure you are wearing a helmet as he will happily tell you off.

1st  decree – thou shall always wear thy crown or helmet whilst on thy bike

Thanks for all your help Martin. You passion and madness is truly unparalleled. Long live the king!