Name: Pidge aka Mat (to his family)

Bike: On One inbred, Orange Patriot

Style: style for miles

Pidge is one of the members of the “google crew” and can often be found with Andy sessioning bits of trail in his googles (goggles). Such is his love for googles he will only take part in sports in which he can wear googles and cites Edgar Davids as being his footballing hero. He is without doubt one of the most stylish riders in the collective. He is so relaxed and chilled there are rumours he is in fact a koala! But give him a bike, mattock or shovel and he springs into life.

Together with Andy and Jamie he has had a good deal of involvement in the getting the flow and design of the trail right. Like Andy he hails from Southampton and was originally dragged to the dig by Andy, and also like Andy he hasn’t left.

Always helpful and keen to share his ideas he has become an integral and much respected member of the Collective. Thanks for all your help Pidge, your influence on the trails will last for many years to come.