Name: Rupert Peddle (It really is!) aka Roops

Bike: Trek Fuel EX 6.5, Focus Fat Boy, Diamond Back Dirt Bandito

Style: Pedal, pedal, pedal!

Peddle by name, pedal by nature. Born in Germany, raised oop north, married to a female Mexican warrior who he met in Buenos Aries, he somehow ended up in the golden city of Portsmouth where he does software programming, computery stuff. Despite being as skinny as bulimic stick insect his diet mainly consists of packets of crisp, cake and beer before he eats his dinner at 11pm. He loves to pedal. So much so that he even does it when he is braking. He has purchased a pump bike to work on his technique but struggles to resist the urge to pedal and have a high saddle. Scott, Martin and Jamie plan on getting Rupert to overcome his condition with Pavlovian style “banter”.

Rupert is the filming genius behind the Collective’s videos. His infamous Gravity Project Honey Race video took so long to edit (only Apocalypse Now took longer to edit and that was nearly 2 years) that Rupert received a lot of “banter” on a dig weekend which he was filming. Thanks to the banter the dig weekend edit was done in less than 8 hours and is possibly Rupert’s finest work, capturing the atmosphere and fun of a dig weekend perfectly.

QECP Dig Weekend 25 26 Feb 2012 from rupert peddle on Vimeo.

Rupert now has a few other Collective video projects on the go (lets hope they meet the deadline!) which all go to elevating the profile of the Collective and the work we do. Don’t let the filming aspect of him fool you, he also puts a great shift in with the mattock and shovel. So much so that you often don’t even notice when he is filming. His commitment is undeniable and he is involved in everything from the beginning. His pragmatic approach also helps keep some of the more…. exuberant members of the Collective in check. He puts in a lot of time for the Collective cause, which a lot of people don’t realise, which could not be replicated by anyone else. We all owe him a great deal of thanks for the job he does. So Rupert, thank you so much for everything you do. It is appreciated. Just put that saddle down and be quicker with the edits!