Name: Scott Fitzgerald, aka king of the trail pixies

Bike: Cannondale Prophet 2, Giant glory FR, On One Inbred SS, GT Tours BMX

Style: Huck it! Eckoverob (Scott’s motto he invented. Something to do with go all out all the time)

Inventor of stupid words, Scott is the driver of the “banter bus” for the Collective, ably assisted by Jamie and Martin. No person is safe from his jokes which he has no problem being on the receiving end of. He is at the heart of everything the Collective do and dedicates a lot of time planning the work that goes on. As well as bikes he also loves his pets (especially dogs and hamsters). He is the UK’s answer to Adam Richman (of man v food fame) with his a falstaffian appetite which belies his figure. At a Collective Christmas get together Scott finished his second plate of food before anyone had finished their first and consumed an estimated 8 pounds of mashed potato alone (eckoverob! he must have worms!).

He has a child like excitement when it comes to bikes and is keen to huck off anything. He loves jumps and tries to squeeze them into every section of the trail he works on. His hero is Sam Pilgrim and even removed a tooth just so he could look like his hero.

Scott lives for riding mountain bikes and set up so like minded people could meet up for rides and chat about bikes while downing a few beers. The effect this has had on mountain biking in south Hampshire is huge. The site is completely free as all costs are covered by Scott. Because of this website many people in the south ride regularly and have made new friends. The limit of the forum was 150 members but such has been the demand he has to expand the site (and pay more). The site now has over 420 members who post up rides in the south which are completely free and take on people of all abilities. If it wasn’t for the website, the work on the trails at QECP probably wouldn’t have happened and the mountain bike scene in the south would not be as big.

He is always keen to help people with their bikes and often lends bits and pieces to people to keep them riding. A huge amount of people owe Scott a debt of gratitude for the work he does for mountain biking in the south. Thanks Scott! Keep on hucking!