Name: Spencer Huckstepp (Seriously!) aka Colonel Kurtz

Bike: Cube Stereo, Cube Reaction

Style: Secret squirrel

(WARNING! Contains multiple references to Apocalypse Now, which may not make sense to people who have not seen the film)

The mighty Colonel is a bear of a man. At nearly 8 foot tall and 4 foot wide he is an imposing figure. Most people of his size are kind, gentle folk. This character trait seems to have skipped Spencer by as he can often be found in QECP pushing people of their 29ers before crushing their wheels down to 26” with his bare hands.

Just like Colonel Kurtz he has removed himself from society and roams around the forest, occasionally visited by members of his tribe of followers who give him food to supplement his diet of squirrels. Just like in Apocalypse Now, Spencer refuses to be filmed or photographed unless he is lying down or in shadow. Thanks to Rupert’s sneaky filming he can be seen in this video in the chalk pit that had been dug (looking suitably impressed) and  is seen at the end walking away with some tools with Jamie (one of his tribe of followers).

QECP Trail Digging Final Descent on pinkbike.com

Unfortunately that piece of trail where Spencer is seen is also the scene of where he had a crash on Good Friday. As he went over a blind double he noticed some people on the trail and looked to see what size wheels they were on. Sadly he took too long sizing up the wheels and ended up crashing, dislocating his elbow and shattering his radial head. The ambulance quickly turned up, although the paramedics who came to his assistance were confused when he asked them if they were assassins. As he was taken into the ambulance he was heard saying “the horror, the horror”. The radial head has now been replaced with a titanium rod which will now enable him to crush wheels with ease.

Spencer was responsible to speaking to the park about improving the trails a year ago and encouraging them to improve the trail. After all who could say no to the Colonel? He regularly attends digs and during autumn he spent a lot of time with the leaf blower roaming the trail on his own, a truly thankless task but it did make a big difference to the trail. As with many members of the Collective, Spencer is irreplaceable and few people realise that he was responsible for the first dialogue with the park which have resulted in the trail we have now. Thanks Spencer for all your work and hope you are back on your bike soon.